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Here you will find our Site Visit Check List. That's the starting information we need to size and specify and price a solar pool heater. You can gather that info and then give me a call or e-mail. Old school works best. The form mentioned on that checklist was scrapped years ago.

Ken Wright Hot Sun Industries Inc 858 683 0800

Usually solar pool heaters are installed by professionals trained and certified in fall safe prevention and safe work techniques in general. They are covered by workers compensation insurance and liability insurance for their protection and yours, not to mention the fact that experience goes a long way. That said the manuals published on this web site are kept fairly up to date and we will support a new installer or do-it-yourselfer but only if the work area (the roof usually) is safe and you have studied the manual and you have reasonable plumbing skills. Ultimately it is your responsibility to work safely and neither Hot Sun Industries Inc. nor any of its dealers or affiliates can be held responsible for injuries or death resulting from attempting this type of installation.

Lastly its important for you to understand that the pool mechanical and the solar work together. Changes and adjustments and scheduling of one can affect the other and even the best solar guy can't cover all possibilities with the pool and usually the pool people don't know all the ins and outs of solar. The more you know as a homeowner the better.